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Rachel Buse - Freesia McKee - Molly Rideout
June 4 - June 17, 2017

Who can someone call in Grinnell to get a shoe or standing mixer repaired? What if someone needs a video made? What if you're a retired farmer and want to know where to spend your mornings? This community publication celebrates the harder-to-locate and less-well-known resources of our town. Based on Grinnell’s phone books of the 1920s-40s, each phone book will be hand sewn and assembled during a community event in June 2017. 

The exact contents of the phonebook are still being determined. Thank you to everyone who shared with us their special skills and needs throughout the month of April!

Also listed in the phonebook will be:

  1. Social etiquette for using your cell phone (as explained by 3 generations of Grinnell women)
  2. Local bands & farmers market vendors
  3. Advertisements for old Grinnell businesses that no longer exist
  4. Temp Agency applications for obsolete jobs in former Grinnell businesses
  5. Contact information for your elected representatives
  6. How to be a good bystander/neighbor. Know your rights and your neighbor's rights
  7. A place for you to write down all of your now useless memorized phone numbers
  8. "Ghosting Strategies for the Socially Anxious"
  9. Old telephone propaganda from the 1920s-50s
  10. Community Garden FAQs
  11. Games & activities
  12. And a lot more!

Upcoming Events!

BOOKBINDING WORKSHOP: Sunday, June 11, 2pm-3pm (drop in) @ The Stew, 927 Broad St
Learn a basic stitch to sew your own book pamphlets and sew your own community resource guide to take home with you! All ages. Free

PARTY OF THE OBSOLETE: Tuesday, June 13, 7pm-9pm (drop in) @ The Stew, 927 Broad St
Play with obsolete gadgets like a ditto machine, typewriters, and more! Fill out a questionnaire to be placed in an obsolete job at one of Grinnell's historical businesses and learn what work you'd do. Leave a voicemail memory about phonebooks or landlines in our custom-built, sound-dampening phone booth. And of course, pick up your newly released Grin City 2017 Community Resource Guide!

Leave us a message!

You can still participate in the project! Share with us a memory related to phone booths, phonebooks, pay phones or other milestones in phone technology.
Call our hotline at (515) 661-4496!
(By leaving a message on our hotline, you agree for your recording and story to be used in this and future Grin City Collective projects.)

Participating Artists:

Rachel Buse / Des Moines, IA
Freesia McKee / Milwaukee, WI
Molly Rideout / Grinnell, IA & Columbus, OH