Pop-Up Art Shows

Our short-duration festivals and theatre and art shows typically only last a day or two. They highlight new creative works and can provide communities brief art opportunities without having to invest in long-term arts infrastructure. Here are some past examples:


Pop-up Galleries



Rurally Good Festival

Rurally Good celebrates every form of art and the amazing talent of Grin City Collective's current and alumni artists-in-residence. 
Explore Grin City's beautiful 5-acre rural Iowa farmstead, visit artists in their studios, and learn about this year's Grin City Social Practice Projects in fourteen Iowa communities. Rurally Good 2015 is the second of what will become an annual open house event.


Theatre: Journey To The Sun

It takes 8 minutes and 19 seconds for the sun's light to reach the Earth. 2,500 million years ago, undersea life developed oxygenic photosynthesis and turned that light into food. On October 4th, Grin City Collective Artist Residency invites you to explore our planet and its relationship to the center of our solar system in its multi-media performance of Culture Lab: Journey to the Sun. The one-time show will take place at 7:30pm at the Grinnell Arts Center's Loft Theatre. All ages are welcome.