Grin City Projects

Listed below are some of the projects organized by Grin City Collective. These projects include research, archives, experiments, performances, festivals, exhibitions, small businesses, hobbies, contraptions, inventions, books, stories and art. Projects are initiated through collaborative effort by artists and Grin City Collective staff. We work to bring communities together through the works and events we create.

If you have an idea or a question or want to propose a project for Grin City Collective please contact us at:


Public Art Installations

From giant sculptures to a small sticker, public art brightens our walk or our drive through our communities. It’s out in the open and accessible to all. It can be playful or thought provoking. Our public art always serves a purpose. It tells a story or brings attention to a new initiative, perhaps a new community garden. It is art that wouldn’t make sense anywhere else. Here are some past examples: 

Public Art Initiative

Public Writing, Public Libraries

The Chime

Garden Entrance at Meskwaki

Community Garden Sign

Vegetable Rickshaw


Workshops & Gatherings

Our art brings people together to learn something new. That could be new skills in a workshop, new facts from a presentation, or new stories from a neighbor. Sometimes we use free garage sales or free food to bring new people together to share an experience or a story. Here are some past examples:

Weekly Potlucks

Beating the Bully Within us

Culture Lab

Free Shop

Free Bagel Stand


Pop-up Shows

Our short-duration festivals and theatre and art shows typically only last a day or two. They highlight new creative works and can provide communities brief art opportunities without having to invest in long-term arts infrastructure. Here are some past examples:

Pop-up Galleries

Rurally Good Festival

Theatre: Journey To The Sun


Writing and story telling is how we make the personal into the universal, how we preserve local history, how we let our imaginations see what we otherwise cannot. Whether fiction or nonfiction, the stories we tell are about place and the people who inhabit it. Here are some past examples:

Map of Things No Longer Here

Public Writing, Public Libraries

Primer Book