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Keva Fawkes - Purvi Shah - Anna Swason
June 18 - July 1, 2017

Download your free ticket to the Underground Railroad
Print and fill out this ticket and bring it with you to our social Friday, June 30 and see your words up on the wall alongside your friends and neighbors!
Event: 5:00PM - midnight @ The Stew (927 Broad St, Grinnell)

What Does Freedom Feel Like to You?
An invitation to participate in Social Crossings, a community art project of Grin City Collective

Are you a Grinnell community member – a long-time resident or newcomer? We would love to hear from you on your experience in Grinnell! Reach out to Grin City Collective artist team Keva Fawkes - Purvi Shah - Anna Swanson at purvi(at) participate in an interview to share your experience in Grinnell. We welcome experiences of all types! We’d love to talk with you about the opportunities you’ve experienced in Grinnell and the missed opportunities. And we’ll pay you the living wage for Poweshiek County for your valuable time!


Social Crossings: What does “Freedom” look like in Grinnell?
Friday, June 30, 5pm-midnight (drop in) @ The Stew, 927 Broad St
Participate in the culmination of two weeks of interviews and activities around Grinnell exploring how movement and opportunity is mapped across the different quadrants of Grinnell. View a gallery show of the different art pieces created from this research. Share your own experiences. Pot luck dinner at  6:00PM

From its founding, Grinnell played a role in the Underground Railroad, and its intersecting rail services have been at the heart of the town's growth and presence, both literally and figuratively. As we make our “Map of Things No Longer Here,” our team will be asking: How can Grinnell continue its spirit of justice for marginalized socioeconomic and racial groups? How do we build communities of (intersectional) belonging? What does it mean to be committed to freedom? And what does freedom look like today in Grinnell? How do Grinnellians move across the physical and figurative quadrants created of the intersecting railroads? And how do we create spaces where we can learn, belong, create, and experience joy — together?

In Social Crossings, we will spend our first week partnering with a series of different Grinnell communities to produce social map of the town's four quadrants — where people live, eat, play, work, shop, and otherwise live their lives. Together, through the use of color-coordinated categories, we will be able to chart resources, gathering places, and movements, "locating" our communities within Grinnell through the accretion of many individual social mappings. With community input, we will be able to provide a visual map of how communities in Grinnell currently intersect. Simultaneously, we will collect stories of railroads, train travel, and underground railroads.

In the second week of our residency, we will use this collective social map and story-sharing to map mini-stories that intersect, just like the railroad tracks that center the Grinnell origin story itself. Finally, in a festive evening of community art and celebration, we will unveil an installation that translates the maps, stories, and connections from community members into a room-sized, time-based, viewer-response light and sound matrix. Amidst this art installation, we will have an interactive social and close with a dance party! We aim for this project to both capture and enable connection — simultaneously. Through Social Crossings, we hope to open up histories, futures, and the possibilities of movement, connection & justice found in the rich legacies of the Underground Railroad.

Participating Artists:
Keva Fawkes / Iowa City, IA
Purvi Shah / New York, NY
Anna Swanson / Portland, OR

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